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May 3, 2011

Rouse Hill House & Farm (Australia)

Concession entry for everyone (9.30am-4.30pm)

Founded in 1813 and crammed with 20,000 objects spanning its long life, Rouse Hill House & Farm expresses the hopes and dreams of six generations of family life in rural New South Wales from early colonization to the late 1900s.   
An extraordinary amount of colonial history converged upon or passed hard by this place, with Rouse Hill House − itself one of the oldest continually occupied homes in Australia − overlooking the Hawkesbury road of 1794, the Windsor turnpike road which replaced it, and the Vinegar Hill battlefield of 1804.    
Take a tour to experience the old house with its time-warped rooms, the ancient garden, handsome stables, and the tottering outbuildings, old machinery and rusting vehicles that strew the wider farmstead. Or come and enjoy one of Rouse Hill’s farm-based or other family-friendly programs. 

Contact: Mrs. Sara O’Shea
Phone: 282392325
Email: sarao@hht.net.au
Address: Guntawong Rd (Via Rouse Rd) – 2155 Rouse Hill, Australia
Website: www.hht.net.au/museums/rouse_hill_house_and_farm