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May 3, 2011

Museo Municipal de El Puerto de Santa María (Spain)

“Visit your museum, the objects will tell your story” (from 10am to 2pm)
Free admission, visit. Guided tours highlighting some objects and items of interest.

During 19 and 20, May, 2011, guided tours will be offered to visitors with a minimum of 15 people per group after 10:30am in the two exhibitions that are part of the Municipal Museum. It is imperative to fix the participation to the local festival before May 18. Free admission.

Contact: Consuelo Ramírez Castro (Bachelor of Education)
Phone: 956542705 / 75 956 861 427
Fax: 956877089
Email: consuelo.ramirezcastro@elpuertodesantamaria.es
Address: C / Payer 1 and C / Cattle n º 58 – El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz), Spain
Website: www.elpuertodesantamaria.es