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May 3, 2011

Justice & Police Museum (Australia)

Concession entry for everyone (10am – 5pm)

Step into the dark side of Sydney’s past with a visit to a historic police and court building (1856 –1886) that once imposed authority on Sydney’s unruly waterfront. Explore the building’s atmospheric interior – spiked gates, Court Room and the corridor of cells. In the 1890s police Charge Room you can stand before the Duty Sergeant’s desk and imagine yourself being fingerprinted. Encounter a spine-chilling collection of criminal weapons and a mug-shot gallery of offenders that stare defiantly back at you from the walls.

Contact: Mrs. Sara O’Shea
Phone: 282392325
Email: sarao@hht.net.au     
Address: Cnr Phillip & Albert St – 2000 Circular Quay, Australia
Website: http://www.hht.net.au/museums/justice_and_police_museum