Global Priority Africa

This year, a special focus is placed on Africa during International Museum Day. It is essential to raise public awareness about the often overlooked value of African heritage, and in particular its intangible heritage.

This special focus is also part of a global movement to protect African cultural heritage, in particular against illicit traffic, to promote it through local or international exhibitions and to encourage tourism. It is a global issue as much for education as for capacity building. More than ever, it is important for cultural organisations to be advocates of intercultural dialogue.

Cultural institutions could participate in this special event for example by:

  • Partnering with an equivalent African organisation.
  • Organising exhibition exchanges.
  • Developing twin programmes between cities.   
  • Organising cultural activities related to Africa: traditional dance or music programmes, meetings with African cultural professionals, inviting African artists.

>> United Nations Resolution – International Year for People of African Descent